Director: Francesco Picone

Writer: Francesco Picone (screenplay)


Anger of the Dead is a short horror movie, based on zombie apocalypse. The movie has won quite a few awards. Its a story about a couple who are on the verge of separating. The woman it seems in the beginning is about to break to this news in a diner, where a uninterested husband is lost in his reading. Just before she can tell him, a girl from another table who was fighting her boyfriend and seems to get getting angrier with each passing moment, starts changing into a zombie. She bites her boyfriend and the scene is cut.

In the next scene we are shown that the world has collapsed, there are broken cars everywhere on a highway. Our couple from the beginning of the movie somehow seems to have survived. The woman is looking for food and water in broken cars while the man is looking for gas to run their car.

While in their search they are attacked by a zombies. Somehow they manage to hide themselves, when a man running a motorcycle enters the scene. What is his relation with the couple and can they escape from this attack of zombies is what the movie is about.

Most of the movie is covered in one stretch, which is very much expected in a short movie. The main actors have done a pretty decent role, in showing the fear. The zombies also look pretty angry as the name of the movie says.

The movie apart from being a zombie horror movie, also tries to leave a lesson, about how in a very perfect world today we are unappreciative about it. And only a apocalypse event like zombie outbreak can make us look back at times like now and appreciate the beauty of it.

Enjoy the movie guys, I would give it a rating of 3/5. Let me know what do you think about this movie.


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