Night Night Nancy

Night Night Nancy is a short horror slasher movie. Its about a girl sleeping alone in her house. She is awaken by her phone pinging. She opens it up to find her boyfriend’s message. While chatting with him, she checks her photo album to find pictures of her sleeping. This makes her realise that there is someone else in the house with her, who must have been taking her pics.

Night Night Nancy then follows the girl as she tries to escape the outsider in her house. Who is this outsider, and will she be able to escape is what the movie is all about.

Night Night Nancy lasts less than 5 minutes. Easy to watch, check out the movie below.


Being a short horror movie, the movie scores pretty good on being short. As far as scare factor goes, the movie makes us intrigued about who is unknown assailant is, but does not solve the problem for us towards the end. The ending is disappointing, kind of leaves you confused and makes the movie to some extent unrealistic. Yes I know horror movies are supposed to be unrealistic but I think this movie leave a bigger hole than it should.

Apart from some flaws, night night nancy is still a good movie to watch. I would rate it 3/5. Let me know what do you think about it in comments section below.