The Conjuring 2: Official Teaser

Watch the Conjuring 2: Offcial Trailer

The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Poltergeist is a much awaited movie. Nearly every horror fan must have seen its 1st part The Conjuring, released in the year 2013. Since then we all have been waiting for its second part. Ed Warren and Lorrain Warren get in action again.

It is more of a teaser than a trailer for the conjuring 2, much is not revealed about the upcoming movie.


The Conjuring 2 is based on events happen in Enfield, London in the year 1977. Conjuring series has been about Ed Warren and Lorrain Warren helping families that are haunted. They call themselves Demonologist and first try to investigate if a haunting is real or is there some scientific explanation behind the events.


The movie is based on true events on Enfield Poltergeist. A single mother and her 4 children lived in a house. They complained to the police that things were moving by itself in the house. The police came for investigation and they saw the events themselves.

Paranormal Investigators were then brought into picture. About the truth in the hauntings, the investigators seemed to be divided in their opinion. A lot of investigators investigated the events and found that while the haunting seemed to the true and real the children’s story seemed to be exaggerated.

A lot of investigators also believed that there was no truth behind the hauntings and it was all a trick of the 11 years old daughter Janet. Ed Warren however felt that Janet was indeed haunted by a demonic possession and claimed to have seen Janet levitating“sound asleep, levitating in midair”.

The movie is going to cover only the investigations by Ed Warren and Lorrain Warren but we hope they show views by the other investigators too. True or not it will definitely be scary and loved by people (at least we hope so).

The Conjuring 1 was one of the better horror movies in recent years and this has increased the expectation of the audience. While movies like sinister and insidious were also appreciated in their first parts the sequels did not live up to expectations. We hope the same is not repeated by Conjuring. It is only movies like this that satisfies the quest for true horror. And to keep this genre alive, the few good movies that come out hold a lot of expectations.

We will keep waiting for the other trailers of the movie to come out and keep posting them. Watch this space for updated.

As the trailer rightfully reveals the new part is going to be scary as hell. The movie is releasing on 10th June 2016. Get ready to be scared