Truth or Dare Movie – Horror Slasher Film

Truth or Dare Movie – This is a slasher movie, filled with lot of blood and gore. Its a pretty short horror film with a running tim of hardly 8 minutes.

The movie is very average and does not create the environment that is expected in horror movies. In fact sometimes it does not seem that there has been much effort by the makers to do the same too. Truth or Dare movie is about a few teems [guess that was expected]. The parents are out and as any imaginative[sarcasm], teen would do these days, they start a game of truth and dare.

The game stars normally enough and soon as is expected one of the guys is dared to go into the basement to spend some time alone. He asks a girl to accompany him, but she refuses. This is when the horror begins. There is a evil already present in the basement. What is he doing there, we do not know, so what if it seems like a normal house and people living there must have stayed there for ages. What happens next is for you to find out by watching the movie.



In my opinion the truth or dare movie can be safely left alone and you will not miss much if you do not watch it. At any event watch it at your own risk. I would give the movie 2.5 out of five and there I believe I have been quite generous. It can be watched once and since it is not very long, you do not actually waste a lot of time watching the truth or dare movie. Good slasher movies are really hard to find.

If you find something good about it, please do let me know in the comments section below, maybe I missed it.