The other side of the door – official trailer

The other side of the door – official trailer. It is a british indian supernatural horror movie. The movie is expected to release on 11th March 2016. Originally it was scheduled to release on 26th February 2016 but was pushed back.

The trailer shows a british family possibly moving to India, which is going to be their new home. Where they are met with a tragic accident. The accident leads to the untimely death of the son in the family. This leave the mother in tragic situation. She meets a Indian woman, who gives her a way to speak to her son. She guides her to a temple where a door is a key to speak to her son, however she is warned against opening the door.

Watch the other side of the door – official trailer below:


But curiosity gets the better out of her and she opens the door. Inadvertently leading a spirit to this world along with her son. The balance between life and death has been disturbed. Thereafter she sights a aghori quite a lot. How will tis end? How will they get rid of the evil they have let in this world.

The trailer looks promising, will the movie live up to the expectation only time can tell. The trailer definitely gets a rating of 3.5/5.


Directed by Johannes Roberts
Produced by
Written by
  • Ernest Riera
  • Johannes Roberts


The story about a woman who looses her son and wants to say him goodbye for the last time. She learns of a ritual that opens up a door between the living and the dead. She was warned to never open the door but she does it out of love for her son and it leads to a catastrophe. Check out the trailer of the movie here. Must watch, what say guys?


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