Zombie film – 2 hours

. A nameless survivor is ambushed and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world. The film inspite of being a zombie film tries to leave a lesson for its viewers


The movie begins with a man being hunted down by zombies. Though he manages to escape but is bit by a zombie. Now he has 2 hours before he will himself turn one.


The movie is then about a journey in these 2 hours where is searching for some survivors. These survivors live in a jungle and somehow he feels they can save him turning into a zombie. It has not been explained in the movies how the survivors can save him.

The entire journey is marked by battle with zombies. Where the hero is also frequented by visions of his seemingly dead girlfriend or wife. She keeps asking him how can he eat her? Why was again not explained in the movie (also he could not have eaten her as he was not yet a zombie).

The acting in this zombie film is good. There is primarily just one main actor and he has done a good performance also supported by the woman playing his wife. Story wise there is really nothing new. Its same old a guy running for his life from zombies. Even the concept of survivor is not new.

With a scarcity of good zombies films, this movie is can be considered good inspite of being an average film. Zombie films are generally difficult to make, and its more difficult to be original while making zombie films.

Its a 30 minute movie not very difficult to watch. Watch it and let me know what do you think about it.