Perished – a short zombie film — The movie is about a struggle of a man in a zombie outbreak. The movie does not waste our time and begins directly with the action. We see a zombie outbreak where a man is seemingly trying to escape from zombies.

In this struggle he manages to get himself inside a shed. He stays there 3 days hoping to see the zombies outside his shed leaving or dying, so that he can finally come out. But luck is not on his side and the zombies do not leave surrounding the shed.

With time passing by, the man finishes off all his stock of food and water. With no other option left he decides to fight the zombies and get out. While trying to do so, he manages to kill a lot of zombies while himself staying inside the shed. But the heap of dead bodies of the zombies lock the door of the shed from outside.

The man is again not able to escape, he stays their two more days, and then finally escapes through the room. While the part of the story till this, interesting the events that happen after it really stand out.

Perished is a zombie movie, that stands out from the rest. Not only does it portray zombie horror, but it is also filled with great twists. And while a zombie movie rarely ends on a good note. The ending of this one is quite shattering. A great movie to watch with attention. A good short horror film, is rare to find and this one definitely ranks among the very top. Do Wayne Davies as the man has done a great performance. The struggle, anger and hopelessness has seemed real for most part. 

This short zombie movie was released in the year 2011. Do let us know what do you think about it after watching it