Playing with the devil 2014 (horror movie based on Hitori Kakurenbo)


Playing with the devil is a movie based on Japanese Ritual Hitori Kakurenbo. Its a game where with an elaborate ritual involving a doll. Its sort of playing hide and seek with the devil. And the devil comes as a possessed doll. This movie playing with the devil, involves 3 characters, who are sisters. One night while alone at home they plan to play Hitori Kakurenbo.

Things as is expected go horribly wrong. The devil comes to life via the doll. And then playing with the devil is never the same. Their is chaos, fright scenes, lot of running around. What begins as a simple game between 3 sisters, one one is trying to scare the youngest, and the oldest seems bored.


Overall playing with the devil comes across a good horror movie. The doll, while does not look scary enough, but its picturisation, do manage to have the effect. All the three actors have been quite effective and have managed to be convincing in their roles. Playing with the devil is only 7 minutes long, and manages to have its effect in that short span time. Specially Jessica Hadlock who plays Mary, she looks quite scary towards the end.

Playing with the devil was released in 2014 and won quite a few awards. Must watch to enjoy a good scary film. For people who are adventurous, the entire method for Hitori Kakurenbo has been perfectly described at the beginning of the movie. Give it a shot if you like, and if all goes well, do let me know in the comments below. But I would strictly advice against it. After all playing with the devil can be a dangerous game.


Happy watching Playing with the Devil. Good scare fest. Watch this space for more horror movies. Bookmark us for regular horror film updates.