The Boy Trailer

The Boy is an upcoming horror movie starring Lauren Cohan.

The brief premise of the movie seems to be a american woman Greata Evans played by Lauren Cohan, get the job of a nanny in a remote village in United Kingdom. Once she visits her employees, she finds that the boy is actually a life sized porcelain doll. Supposedly the boy died some time ago, and the parents could not cope with the loss of their son, so they started treating a doll as their son.

The Boy trailer number 1 shows us the glimpse of encounters that Greta faces with the doll. She is given a few rules to follow: A few of them being:

  1. No Guests
  2. Do not cover his face
  3. Save Meals in Freezer
  4. Play loud music
  5. Never leave him alone
  6. Clean the traps
  7. Don’t forget to feed him
  8. Kiss him good night

As time goes by Greata realises that the doll may not be after all just a doll. Watch the boy trailer # 1 below and let us know how you find it.


The Boy trailer no 2 is not very different from the 1st one, and does not give us much new in terms of story, but it does raise the scare quotient. This horror movie is releasing on January 22nd 2016. Do watch it for some scares. Lauren Cohan has already proved her acting abilities in Walking Dead, and we would all like to see her in a movie, especially horror movie



Let us know what you feel about the boy trailers in comments section below. Do not forget to catch in cinemas on January 22 2016. We will keep you updated with more upcoming horror movies. Till then enjoy the boy. Hopefully this will not scare you for life of dolls.