Don’t move : A short horror film

Don’t Move is a short horror movie about a supernatural entity that senses movements and seems hell bent on killing everyone except one person in a house. The movie begins with a scene where we see a lot of blood and dead bodies lying around in a few house, with a few survivors who are frozen on their spots. One of them attempts to escape and is in turn decapitated by the ghost or the entity.

It is then we see 3 other survivors who are trying to live through the nightmare. When they realise that only one of them can escape, it turns into a battle between them where they try to make the entity aware of other individual and get them killed.

Don’t Move has a good amount of gore in the movie and it might be suitable for only them, who are not too effected by it. But generally someone who enjoys horror, does enjoy gore. There is blood, flying intestines, livers, skinning of face and everything else nearly imaginable that can fit in a good horror film.

The makers should actually get a credit for being able fit so much in such a short time of 10 minutes. As is generally expected with short horror movies, you can not really expect a build up to the story. Don’t Move gets directly to action. The start of movie shows what must have already happened, and what can you expect. It is like a climax scene of a bigger movie.

Do watch the movie if you miss all the blood and gore in short horror movies. And remember while watching the movie Don’t Move, who knows what can happen? Let us know what you think about Don’t Move in the comments section below.