The Boy, 2015 – Review

The Boy was released in the year 2015, and mostly went unnoticed. It is a psychological horror movie. The Boy, 2015 is a low budget movie. It takes place in an isolated motel somewhere on the highway. Inspite of having a very limited number of characters, the movie has a tight grip.

The movie is about a father and son, who own a motel. This motel is situated on a isolated highway, and therefore is seldom visited by any patrons. The business is bad and the loneliness does not help. The mother seems as has been indicated later in the movie seems to have run away with some truck driver who once stayed in the motel. The boy is also not very happy and seems to miss his mother and is saving money for a one way flight to Florida where his mother seems to have run away.

The Boy, 2015 is specially about the child. The silent violence inside him. There are a few moments in the movie which become tense for an audience simply because of the boy’s presence.

Apart from this main plot there are various subplots in the movie, about people who come to visit the motel and the Boy’s relationship with them. There is a scene where the father specifically recalls a story about how the boy once fell in love with a girl and tried to hide in their trunk and run away with them when they were leaving.

The Boy, 2015 movie is a psychological horror and works with the psychology of child. While watching this movie you can very much feel that this is like a prequel to all the serial killer movies we see. This is how someone turns into a serial killer.

The movie will leave you not clearly disturbed mentally. But do watch it. Its a average watch and sometimes gets a little slow, primary towards the beginning, and also there are not much surprise elements, but good for watching once nevertheless.


You can watch the trailer of the film The Boy, 2015 here