The Hollow 2015 [TV Movie] Review

The Hollow released in the year 2015. It is supernatural horror film, a Halloween story. Its about a supernatural force that threatens a small island town. The force is told to coming after every 100 years because of a curse of a girl who was killed by the towns people.

The Hollow fares below average on most rating web sites, like imdb. It rates 3.6 out of 10, which is supposed to be very bad, but the movie has been appreciated by quite a few horror fans. In spite of having its flaws, it is enjoyable at points and is a good one time watch.

The clip below is a good indication of what you might expect in the movie. There is blood, there is gore, there is supernatural elements. Watch the clip below and find out for yourself.


The movie the hollow starts with a 3 girls who are trying to get in an island when a storm seems to be approaching. Even after being warned a lot, they do enter the island. Another boy who is unknown to them enters separately. Once in the island the towns people seem to be a little hostile to them.

Ignoring everything the girls try to find their aunt’s house, whom they find badly burnt outside her house. They try to get in the house to understand whats happening outside, when things start getting out of control. Do watch the movie to find out the rest and let us know in comments below about how you find it.

If you love horror genre, you might really like this movie, In case you are choosy about what horror movies you watch, you might not really enjoy it.