Endless – Vampire Short Film

Check out Endless – Vampire Short Film. Watch the horror movie below and let us know what do you think. The entire movie is shot is a bathroom, and is very low budget, around 800$. The movie begins with a lot of potential. You see a woman bathing, when a unknown assailant comes in.

he tries to kill the woman with a knife, but it seems the knife is deflected and the woman is left unhurt. After that the woman attacks the guy biting him in the neck and wounding him. Who will win this battle is what this movie about, with the woman’s child entering the scene.



Endless – Vampire Short Film stars with a lot of potential, and made me really excited of watching some good horror, after a long time. But somewhere after the one fourth of the movie is over, you realize everything is in slow motion. The entire movie is shot in slow motion, while it really caught me up towards the beginning but I lost track later.

And the end makes us feel as if we really watched nothing. Its a 7 minutes movie which could have been over in maybe two to three minutes.