The Last Spin – Short Horror


The Last Spin is difficult to be classified in a particular category of horror. It is more of a psychological thriller. The short horror story is about a girl who lives alone and is possibly stalked.

On fine day when she comes back home, she finds a stranger taking pictures around her house, who is later introduced in the movie.

The actors are both good and have done their part well, specially the girl. The guy to manages to come out as creepy as a guy can possibly be.

One of the finest part of the movie is its background score. The background score of the last spin is so good, I found it better than a lot of good full length feature horror movies.

The movie also has in its limited time, a few good jump scares. If watched attentively with headphones, it can give a good scare. Its a short movie of about 10 minutes. Can be missed, but can also be watched once. Overall it fares average because of its length and lack of any direction.


Check out the movie yourself and let us know how you find it. We are categorizing it as a slasher movie though it is more of a thriller than a slasher movie