The Forest 2016 – Aggregated Review

The Forest – 2016 is a supernatural horror film, released on 8th of January 2016. The movie is directed by Jason Zada and writted by Ben Ketai, Nick Antosca and Sarah Cornwell.

The movie is based around a forest which is known to be a popular destination for people looking to commit suicide.

We bring to you what people are saying about this movie on various sources.

IMDB: The reviewers from IMDB give the The Forest 2016 5/10 stars, which marks it average.

Here is what IMDB reviewers have to say about the The Forest – 2016 .

I watched this movie today and I can’t help but think that the film is more complicated than it might seem. I feel that this movie is more about mental illness than it is about spirits in the Aokigahara.

The Forest has a committed performance from Natalie Dormer and glimmers of an interesting movie but mostly wastes them on predictable jump scares and a bland story.

Initially looks to develop both its characters and its setting, but settles for mediocrity in the end

This entire film is just set-ups for things which never really happen, and a handful of really lame, and completely predictable, jump scares.

It’s not as scary or frightening as I hoped for. The disturbing images did the trick, but it did not get my heart jumping like I expected, but it feels like the overall story is what is supposed to haunt you. I get it but I’m not all that impressed.

So while most IMDB users found it average, with some jump scares with which they were not really too impressed.

Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie 10/100 with average rating of 4/10 and 28% of its users liked the movie The Forest – 2016

Here is what Rotten Tomatoes users said about The Forest.

The silly, hand-me-down scares just don’t chill.

With no compelling characters, scares, or plot points to redeem The Forest, the best option for those ​curious about Aokigahara is probably to watch a 20-minute 2005 VICE documentary about it.

Pretty bad, even for a January release.

“The Forest” delivers as a healthy dose of psychological cinematic terror and an impressive first feature directing effort.

As we can see only 1 out of the 4 people liked it. Rotten Tomatoes has mostly negative reviews about the horror movie.

MetaCritic gives the movie a score of 34.

Various Users of Metacritic said the following about the movie

With a nice, unexpected twist at the end, The Forest delivers as a healthy dose of psychological cinematic terror and an impressive first feature directing effort.

I loved this movie but I can understand low rating. This movie was more about mental scary not horror scary. Most of the critics that viewed this movie with low rating just didn’t have the mental capacity to understand this movie. So if you love a good mental scary movie when will probably enjoy this one.

The movie is actually better than what the trailer shows.It was entertaining at best and the acting was actually good.The premise was interesting and the movie was well written.Sure,a lot of the decisions the characters takes are frustrating but still. I would not recommend this movie but you should still give it a chance.


Cinemascore gave the movie a C.

Roger Ebert gave the movie 1.5 stars concluding

The admiration for the little that Zada does differently in the early sections of “The Forest” does not last for long, as the movie repeatedly hits the same beats over and over again. Zada’s film ends up feeling like an extended journey to a predestined shrug of a conclusion.

Lenika Cruz from The Atlantic says:

The Forest ​likely had no ambitions of being more than some easy, low-budget, winter box-office fare.

But whatever storytelling or visual points the film may have scored (the forest’s ethereal beauty translates well to the screen) vanish in the final act, which delivers a strange, cynical, and ultimately empty, conclusion.


The Guardian gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

The “rules” of the Forest are never explained, which means Zada can go nuts throwing creepy images of skeletons or maggots or demonic-looking Japanese schoolgirls all over the frame. It quickly becomes very tiresome, which is a shame because for every three scenes of rote tedium, there’s one where a kernel of an idea clearly exists, yearning to sprout in a more professional picture. But the desultory storyline and unremarkable performances keep that from happening.

Our Take:

It seems that the The Forest – 2016 has tried to create a lot of jump scares and that has been the one of the reason of its failures. But someone who loves watching Jump Scares might find the movie entertaining. Some critics of Metacritic have rated The Forest – 2016 favourably, but mostly there have been bad reviews all around.