Death in C Minor

Death in C Minor is a better than average horror film. Below is what their youtube page says about the movie.

A short horror film about a young woman who’s haunted by the sound of a piano, repeating the same eerie note over and over again. When she investigates, no one is there. Is she mad or is someone playing with her mind?

We’re huge fans of horror movies like “The Ring”, “The Grudge”, “The Conjuring”, “The Shining”, and “It Follows”. Inspired by great short horror films on YouTube (films like “Lights Out” and “Dollface”) we decided to shoot our on own short horror film.

We shot this low budget horror movie with a Sony A7s and Rokinon DS Cine Lenses. Even though the Sony A7s performs well in low light conditions, we made some mistakes with ISO exposure and white balance. The footage came out grainer (and much warmer) than we anticipated. We spent a lot of time removing noise and color correcting the footage in post production. Next time, we’ll white balance correctly and make better use of our LED lights.

Even with all the technical challenges, we had a lot of fun shooting this short film. We were fortunate to work with two talented actresses and a great makeup artist who did a fantastic job of creating a ghoulish and creepy looking creature. We’re hoping to work together again to produce more short horror films in the future, so please share and like our work and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


We give it 3/5 stars. Watch it youself and tell us how you find it.