The Devoured – Short Horror Film

The Devoured is a 10 minute horror movie. It is a story about a ghost hunter that eliminates ghosts by eating them.

A guy looking to get his house rid of ghosts goes up to visit the ghost hunter. The hunter initially seems reluctant to accept the case, but after a little discussion, feels the case to be genuine and accepts it.

The story then shifts to haunted house and the night when they come up to rid the house of ghosts.

Without giving much out, I must say, the movie is a very different take on ghost stories. It is a very good mix of thriller and suspense. The starting scene comes out as too stretched, but then in the end, we get the feeling of it being worth it. This is an experiment with horror and a successful one. On the acting front the 2 main actors have done excellently and have been very convincing with their roles.

We rate this movie 4/5 stars. Do watch it below yourself and let us know what you feel.