He Dies At The End – Short horror film.

A man sitting in his office alone. It’s almost 4 in the morning. He gets distracted by something behind his back and turns to check it. But there is nothing. As he turns back to his screen, it tells him he would die someday. And to know how, he must answer the questions on the screen. He does. We don’t want to ruin the end for you. But again, watch it to have a great laugh.

A Youtuber says “Brilliant! Really creative. The whole online quiz thing was a great idea, just the sort of thing people do when bored at work, and this one really freaked me out, can you imagine it! I think you should change the face at the end to a distorted human face, something is just much scarier about humans that don’t look right. Take a look at the face at the end of rights out, something like that. Great movie tho bro.”

Our take: Great build-up but nobody likes a greasy football monster.