Conjuring 2 Trailer

Watch the conjuring 2 trailer below. Conjuring 2 is the most awaited horror movie of the year. Lorraine and Ed Warren will be back again fighting the supernatural forces in London this time.

The trailer begins with the couple listening to a tape with a priest who tells them that the voice from a recorder are of a 11 years old. The couple move over to the haunted place for the investigation.

The trailer very boldly leaves its mark. It is scary, and leaves its mark. I found the scene where Lorraine Warren is looking in the mirror to be particularly scary.

The trailer also gives us the movie release date which is June 10. If the movie lives up to this trailer it is definitely going to be a must watch.

We at short horror flix are desperately waiting for this long horror movie. Do watch the trailer and let us know in the comments below how it was able to terrify you.