The Girl in the Cornfield

The Girl in the cornfield is a upcoming horror movie. The movie looks like a ghost movie from the trailer. A woman seems to have been accidentally killed in a Road Accident.

Her spirit seems hell bent on vengence.

Imdb provides the story line of the movie as

Best friends Heather and Corrine are on their way home around midnight with Heather’s little sister Tiffany in the backseat. When Heather begins to fall asleep at the wheel she doesn’t see a woman in a white dress stumbling onto the road until it’s too late. After a vicious impact, they exit the car to help but the woman has vanished, leaving behind a trail of blood that disappears deep in the cornfield. Unable to find her, Heather and Corrine decide to report it to the police and return home. That night both of them are terrorized in their homes by an unseen and seemingly supernatural intruder. They realize that someone or something has followed them and its intentions are far more horrific than they could’ve ever imagined.

We did not find the trailer of the girl in the cornfieldĀ impressive and it appeared to us more like scenes stuck together without any co-relation. Kind of stuff you would make when you are in too much of a hurry or on a limited budget.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your view on it.