Hi – Short Horror Film.

Doctors are compared to gods for what they do. But what if a patient dies because of doctor’s carelessness and then haunts her? Watch this movie where the ghost of a little girl is after her doctor.

A young lady doctor finds herself in distress after coming home from her hospital. She tries to get in touch with her colleague for medical help but he is not reachable. She ends up taking some sleeping pills. She wakes up to a dream wherein a little girl accuses her of not saving her life. Now that girl is all over her place. But the doctor manages to escape.

Maker’s comment: The clues (in the movie) are meant to be vague and open to interpretation.The idea behind my films is that they do not seem to be self-contained, the intention is that they should seem to be part of a much larger conversation.

Our take: We agree with the maker. Brilliant work. 5 on 5.