The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

We all have heard the story of sleeping beauty. How a princess is cursed by a with to get into internal sleep only to be awaken by a kiss from a prince. That’s how we know it right. And in the end a prince comes up and kisses her and they live happily ever after. Right? Wrong. What if the prince never turns up. Thats what the curse of sleeping beauty is all about.

There have been many movies made on this eternal story, some trying to come up with a different take. A recent one of them was Maleficient. Now it was a great movie, but cannot really be described as horror. With horror things get a little difficult. Let us see how this movie turns out to be.

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is about a guy who inherits a property on his uncles death. But along with this inheritance he also inherits a curse and he has to work as protector. How will he do in this role? He has been having this monstrous dream of trying to wake up the sleeping beauty while being attacked by monsters.

It was his destiny and he finally meets it. The trailer of the movie looks attractive and a good mixture of fantasy and horror.

The Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose is played by India Eisley. Eisley has been popular since her role in Underworld Awakening. Let us see how this movie shapes up for her and her future. We would definitely like to see more of her.

Ethan Peck plays the lead as Thomas the protector.  The movie releases on 13th May 2016. Watch the trailer of the movie below, and give us your feedback. While we are excited, some movies have the tendency to disappoint because a good trailer sometimes builds up lot of expectations. We hope the trailer is as good as the movie this time.