Aggregated Hush Review 2016

Hush is a movie about a deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home. The movie released on 8th April 2016. Audience have found it to be more of a thriller than a outright horror movie. Read the Hush Review from various sources below.

The Movie has got a rating of 6.8 on IMDB. The users said the following about the movie

To make this short and sweet, all I need to say is watch this movie. Watch it with a big group of people.

I thought Hush was one of the best Horror movies I’ve seen in years. It reminded me of Wait Until Dark but with a deaf victim instead of a blind one.

Rating a 9 because it cant be any less!! I remember watching the trailer of the movie and I thought maybe its just the trailer thats good, until….i Saw this movie today!!

There were also some negative reviews like

This movie is down right stupid. An amateur work of cinema. Its a waste of time for anyone to even critique about it.

Overall the movie got quite a favorable response from IMDB Users.

Rotten Tomatoes has given this movie a 100% approval rating with an average rating of 7.5/10

Flanagan’s taut direction reinforces his rep as an up-and-comer we will hopefully be hearing much more from.

Silence is golden in “Hush,” one of the more inspired concoctions to emerge from the busy Blumhouse horror-thriller assembly line in recent years.

Bolstered by intelligent characters and a nail-biting premise, Hush is easily one of the most striking scary stories 2016 has to offer.

Hush doesn’t just upend horror tropes. He makes us wonder why we liked them in the first place.

Cinemascore gives the movie a B- rating.

The movie has a metascore of 67 and user score of 8.0

Hush‘s madman makes himself visible and vocal to his prey from the get-go. As a result, Flanagan and Siegel both get to lay their cards on the table early, freeing up their characters to focus solely on how to outsmart one another.
Hush isn’t as original as it looks. But when things go bump in the night and one person can’t hear them, the possibilities are endless, and this movie exploits as many as it can before running out steam.
If you enjoy thrillers, Flanagan expertly turns the screws here, and Kate Siegel makes a very appealing and capable hero.
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