The Spirit Board (2016) – Short Horror Movie

Two friends casually contact a spirit using an antique spirit board. Things get out of control and one of them gets killed.

A cop contacts the control room to inform about a dead girl.
Back story: Two girls go to check a relative’s new home who is out of town for some business. One of them finds an antique spirit board lying inside a box. Curiosity makes them try it out. It works but not in their favor. The summoned spirit kills one of the girls as the session wasn’t closed with a goodbye.

Comments by Colby King, the producer/director:
“Made on a very, very low budget of about $500 for the lights, camera, mic, etc. The short shot in about three nights. I tried to take a more subtle approach to the horror, keeping things hidden in the shadows and leaving things to the viewers imagination.”

Our take: We loved the way the maker avoided to show a spirit figure which made it creepy. But some special effects would have made it creepier.