Tik Tak (2015) – Short Horror Movie

If strange things happen to you in a loop and you are not aware of it; what would be your reaction? Scared already? Watch this horror movie for this abstract concept.

A man wakes up at midnight and encounters strange things. He hears somebody at his door. When he opens the door he sees himself. He goes to bed scared. He again wakes up at the same time to the same strange things and it all repeats again.

Maker’s comment: “The plot creation of the film is ingenious. The film was shot, played and produced by the director without any costs, in which a story of a man’s encountering strange things after waking up at midnight was illustrated. Although the whole film only lasts three minutes, it integrates the strange story and the circle of time and space into it, which is indeed creative.”

Our take: We liked the concept but it lacked professional touch. 3.5 on 5.