Suckablood (2012) – Short Horror Movie

It is a dark, Gothic bed-time story of a girl who is scared to suck her thumb in case the ‘Suckablood’ monster comes. It is the 5th film in the Bloody Cuts Horror anthology.

A stepmother punishes and curses her daughter by inviting Suckablood to slaughter her if she sucks her thumb. On that stormy night, Suckablood does come from under her bed and sees her sucking other fingers. He leaves her alone. He then goes down and kill the stepmother instead who was sucking her thumb.

Maker’s comment:
“The movie is best viewed with minimal lighting, and of course with speakers/headphones for the full experience”

Our take: Every thing about this movie is brilliant. The narrating voice is impeccable. 5 on 5.

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