Dollface (2013) – Short Horror Movie

A Halloween night turns ugly for a couple when a strangely costumed woman shows up at their door.

On a Halloween night when a couple is playing Chess somebody knocks on their door. It’s a mysterious woman with creepy makeup – Dollface. After getting some candies, she leaves but drops her purse at the door. Upon finding the purse and who it belongs to, the guy goes out to return it.

The wife shows up to a small boutique looking for her husband who hasn’t returned after 4 hours. A woman attends her at the door and asks her to wait. While in the boutique, she hears screams of her husband. She follows the voice to find her husband and an imprisoned girl. She frees the imprisoned girl and on her advice she follows her. Dollface tries to stop her. The imprisoned girl kills the woman and Dollface kills her.

Our take: The overall look, the costumes and locations are awesome, and the editing is seamless. But the plot is very confusing. 4.5 on 5.