Behind The Door (2013) – Short Horror Movie

There’s something outside that wants to come in. It can only come in on invitation.

A guy enters a house as a vampire-like monster is after him. He seems worried. All of a sudden he hears somebody knocking on the door and seeking help. The voice outside seems like his brother’s voice. It asks the guy to let him in but he does not fall for it. But, in the end, it is the monster who tricks the guy.

YouTube comments:
“This one was actually really good I loved the trickery with the monster making the boy say ‘Come in.’. The character actually has some sort of brain and didn’t let the monster in (well until he was tricked). Wasn’t big on the end with the hole jumpscare type thing I think a proper atmosphere could’ve been built and could’ve been really scary.”

“the guy outside looked like he was still eating his Oreos. It was going scary until I started laughing.”

Our take: The pace was right, the story build-up was good too. The jumpscare at the end could have been better. 3.5 on 5.