The Captured Bird

There is something about young protagonists who bring to vulnerability to the characters. Their vulnerable presence is helpful to bond with the character, and the audience readily sees the world created by the director. In The Captured Bird, the director skillfully creates a world of a happy family where you are invited to witness mom, dad, a newborn and a curious kid drawing on the pavement living a good life.

Your protagonist, a cute kid is lured to go on an unknown path, which reminds you of Alice in Wonderland. One should note that this movie has no dialogs and it doesn’t need any.

The exploring bit is fantastically shown as the audience is taken through different nooks and corners of the world created by the Director, but this is where the good bit about this movie stops. After this is where the other protagonist is revealed which, let us a little disappointed. Maybe it was the budget issue, but there are movies who know well to economize their budget constraints, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that the CGI effects were not really at par.

As the description clearly states that the supernatural beings are terrifying, we were left thinking with ‘not really.’ All the build up felt like a waste. There were a lot of moments which would have gone epic like when the kid and the supernatural being meets, but it wasn’t powerful enough for a climax. Acting wise, the kid was good, not spectacular.

So what we think about the The Captured Bird? Watch this if you like the idea of Alice in Wonderland meets horror or else give this one a miss.

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