Red Balloon (2011) – Short Horror Movie

A gut-wrenching short thriller, Red Balloon is adapted from an urban legend called ‘clown statue’. A story revolving around a babysitter in a boring dark stormy night, the short movie at 13 minutes is a complete package as it includes several edge of the seat moments. The editing is crisp, and the movie looks beautiful. The location and set are wonderful, to say the least, which helps to give a haunting feel to it.

The actors can act and fit the characters like a glove. There is a little surprise here- the Director duo who created Red Balloon won multiple awards in numerous movie screenings. And they deserve it and how. Check it out for yourself!

The music and the ambiance give you the chills from the starting shot and you connect with the character from the first time you see them. The way camera moves is splendid in telling the story which zooms in and out to shift the point of views. Wonderfully done. One can say that the camera is a character successfully building momentum and increasing the heart beats of the audience as it zooms in and out. Movies like these can give average slashing movies a run for their money anytime. If you like psychological horrors, then do not miss this, it looks good with a strong plot. We give this one a thumbs up!