Alma : Short Animated horror movie

An animated horror movie with a color palette of pink, white and warm browns, you will mistake this short for a Disney movie at first glance. But look closer and you will find that Alma is a silent movie which gives you a feeling of unease. A wonderful animation, with attention to detail, it has haunting music and a charming protagonist, which makes it an interesting watch. As you watch with fascination you sit tight and explore the beautiful world created by the movie makers.

So you have your protagonist in a cute pink sweater admiring a doll inside a toy shop and that’s all we can say, as anything more and it will spoil your movie experience. The detailing done on this short movie is immaculate, the music gives the audience an amazing feeling of unease as after a few moments in the movie, the audience is able to make out what is going to happen next, but it doesn’t ruin the mood, as the movie at 5 minutes delights from start to finish. A must watch!