Behind Close Doors

So what happens when the doors are closed? This haunting animated movie shows you that with just the right amount of scare. Using an unhappy family as a backdrop, this movie deals with a delicate subject of what a child’s mind goes through in an abusive relationship. The music is outstanding which gives Behind Close Doors an unforgettable haunting experience, and perhaps its resemblance to several┬áreal-life ruined childhoods which gives this traumatic movie an authentic feel. The animation adds its own charm with uneven moments.

The voices are devoid of any emotion which feels intentional and all the more scary. The story is about a boy living with a caring mother and angry father, experiencing sleepless night because of a monster in his room. With its crisp editing, the movie at 5 minutes and more is a treat for horror fans. So give this movie a watch, it deserves it.