Peekers: A delightful horror short movie

We love our old folks don’t we? They can be little unreasonable sometimes, right? But we listen to them and let them have their way because they are innocent in their own little weird way. Now who can blame them if they are unable to download that app, and call you 60 times to fix it on their smartphone. Peekers uses this discomfort which some of us feel while interacting with the older generation in the best possible way. Here you have your protagonist having a nice breakfast in his crib, and an unexpected door knocks disturb his breakfast time. Saying more will ruin the fun. So hop on this train and watch this short movie which takes you on a freaky journey.

The old neighborhood is as authentic as it can get. Your protagonist gives the right amount of frustration and the helplessness. You ache for him, and his need for a time out. The short is perfectly timed as well, and there is no moment lost. Peekers is a movie which takes normal circumstances and freaks the hell out of you. That’s what a successful horror movie should do. This creepy caper is best enjoyed with your annoying grandparent. The best way to tell them lovingly that they sometimes annoy you. We give this one a thumbs up!