Inside (2012): A Must Watch!

There are very few movies that take you by surprise and Inside is one of those short psychological movies which compels you to watch it again. I watched Inside long time back say back in 2012. While writing about it, I watched it twice and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised by the story and the treatment even after watching after 4 years. The first time I wanted to whistle over the way it took me by surprise, the second time I was able to notice how the movie meandered over the marvelous build up of the climatic scene. All I want to say is bravo.

Inside is about our protagonist who is suffering from multiple personality disorder. You can’t help but sympathize with him as he is one brilliant find and fits the character beautifully. As the other voices cloud his judgment and his own voice, the audience is left with a sinking feeling. The voices are so strong and different and it makes you feel helpless for your hero and for yourself. The bleak atmosphere of the hospital is given the company of a thunderstorm which is one can imagine what is going on inside our hero’s mind. If there is one horror short movie, you want to watch today, make it this one.