The Doors: Don’t open it

Creaking doors, whining noises are age old tools of a good scare. The Doors attempt to humanize (demonize?) the most basic form of scare tactic and failing at it. While the dialogs are interesting, we were left scratching our heads – where is the story?

A horror genre is NOTHING without a good story. There a lot of emotions involved apart from scaring the lights out of the audience in the horror genre and a good story is a big part of it. Well, it turns out, in The Doors, there is no story, nothing, nada.

The description said that it’s a horror short film and all we were left with snapshots of doors. Surely if you are watching it alone at night, you might be scared? No! It’s a description about doors. And the voiceover is supposed to be talking to us about its life. The only reason we wasted precious minutes watching is because as a concept we found that it could be interesting, like a portal that opens to new dimensions carried by a soul-sucking ghoul traveling on the face of the earth endlessly looking for its lost ring in a forgotten era! So this is a major disappointment, watch it if you have a strange fascination for doors or else give this one a miss.