There’s someone at the door, but all there is knock and no one is out there. As this is a horror shot, there has to be a ghost or a murderer outside waiting to pounce.

All these kind of thoughts range in our heads while writing about a horror short, but when you are watching Someone At The Door, you let all these thoughts slide and watch with anticipation what would happen next because, from the very first shot, you like your character and are totally invested in the film. An old frail lady working on something which might be important.

There is a knock and who could it be? The movie looks good and the camera angles work well in telling you a good story. Turning minor annoyance ( getting up from work to check who could be out at the door) is a cool idea to expand in a short film. It’s not scary, save for one moment at 1.03. The music is good, we like the character, and the ambiance and the bleak mood each frame represents is a good attempt for a short movie. We recommend this one with a thumbs up!