Sleep Tight: Watch before going to bed

You are alone at night and it’s raining, this a perfect combo of starting any horror fest. But Sleep Tight is better than good, as it manages to give you the chills in short time frame and doesn’t disappoint in any way.

In horror genre music plays a critical role to emphasize crucial moments and here the background music is not only impactful but as its coupled with thunder clouds, it gives an eerie sense of unease. And its more than once, the unease, which is commendable for a short horror movie to pull out. Bed time ritual of looking under your bed was used here as well and it didn’t feel cliched or out of place, and it did scare us a little bit.

The mood of the film is bleak and sad and as our character boringly flipped channels, it reminded us how most people in the cities live their lives, it’s horrifying indeed, but little things like these helped the audience to know the character well who had difficulty in sleeping on her own. Because of attention to detail, lovely haunting mood and a good story, we recommend this one.