Ninja Clown Monster: Okayish

Clowns are scary. They scare you with those big eyes, red nose and that constant smile. There are so many horror short movies made with the clown as the antagonist that one loses count. Ninja clown Monster is one of those movies which is a good one time watch. But then you start thinking about the concept, there was something similar you watched some time back, now what was it? What does this movie remind you of? You scratch your head for some time and then forget. Now the beautiful thing about your brain is that it works best when it’s rested. So after some time, boom, what you were looking for strikes right back at you like a thunder bolt. While watching this movie, we were reminded of something similar.

We were reminded of this little video featuring a cat. It was beyond cute, it was adorable! The concept is similar, there we have a cat, and here a clown. The year and the date also match with a couple of months in between. Because we know about the cat video we weren’t able to enjoy it, but then, the cat video is popular, everything with cats is popular, may we add. Must say that the clown is freakishly scary, but here is the thing about clowns they can be made scary easily. Just add some blood around their mouths and sharp teeth, that’s it.

We say, watch this if you love scary clowns, but definitely watch the cat video, it’s super fun 🙂