Partiality: One minute horror film

One minute shorts have a lot of restrictions and carry with itself a pressure to perform best. Everything needs to come in a quick succession. Partiality is a one-minute horror short which tries its best to use a short time frame to give you a good horror movie experience. A good story is an integral part of any short horror movie, at the same time the technical aspects of the movie making shouldn’t be ignored, and in this department, Partiality looks good, the plot twist works in its favor, the camera angle is sleek and the actors look believable. Partiality has everything, but it still struggles to pack a punch. There is nothing striking about it, nothing to give you a jolt. And it’s not scary. Which is what the makers did

It’s a lot to achieve in a tight time frame which means the director has to utilize limited resources efficiently. It’s not easy to pack a short horror movie which ticks off all the check boxes. Partiality has an interesting story about a kidnapper, and there is a plot twist which works as well, but its not really strong enough. It’s a good attempt, but that’s about it. It’s only one minute, you could watch it if you have a minute to spare for a boring afternoon, or else skip this one.