There’s no such thing: Not worth it

You have a lovely mother-daughter pair sharing stories and bonding. The little girl is scared, she asks, “are there monsters under my bed?” She asks, the mother replies, “there’s no such thing.” What happens next is a little confusing and is open to interpretation. So you like the actors, they are believable, but our problem is with the story, as it’s unclear. The intention of the director about what the makers really wanted to do with the characters is distracting us from enjoying the story.

The sound quality and the video quality could have been better too, there are many movies made on a shoestring budget scary. The location is believable and so are the actors, the plot is super, but the end is so jarring that it ruins it. It builds good but loses the audience over in the end. The audience is left with confusion, which should not be the case. There is no shock value, important for any short horror movie. The ambiance is good, but it doesn’t save this movie from disappointing us. There are many other movies worth your time, and so we think its better you give this one a miss.