Tuck me in: It’s scary

If you think one minute is not enough to scare you, then you are mistaken. Tuck me in is a chilling 1-minute horror short story based on a popular reddit thread which had more than two adaptations which we know of. Yes, horror is about surprise element, and so in the one-minute time frame, you already know that some horrific entity will be introduced and scare you, so the makers job to scare you becomes difficult. The makers job becomes trickier and they have to use all tools at their disposal to create a successful short horror movie which gives you goosebumps. This movie knows how to scare you in one minute.

Tuck me in starts as the father tucks his son in bed, and as he begins to leave, the son asks the father to look for monsters inside his bed. The movie does a good job of creating a nice little comfy room and believable characters you want to watch on screen. While the father looks caring and the son looks cute, the happy father-son duo look the part with ease and you are right into the story from the first frame itself. No music was needed and is used sparingly. The mood of the movie transitions nicely between comfort and terror. We give this movie a two thumbs up!