If you want to wake up to any horror movie today, make it this one. A wonderful movie full of chills and thrills Woken actually is scary. The plot line is really simple, a man wakes up to find himself in an unknown scary place, but the treatment is different. The number of horror movies we’ve watched we really missed the scare factor and this one has ample amounts of it. We loved it. It has left unanswered questions over protagonist’s involvement in the location and how he found himself in the unfortunate situation, and some more but you let it go.

The ambiance, the room is scary and bleak and you are scared. The actor is emotive, and you for once don’t want anything bad to happen to him, you relate to the character from the moment you see him struggle in chains. The movie actually looks good, almost sleek, and the music matches the momentum of the entire short movie. The climatic scene steals the short movie, and the technical aspect of the movie is better than good. At 2 minutes, the editing is crisp and helps the audience linger over the grim situation our protagonist is for just the right time, and nothing feels rushed. its a must watch for all horror fans.