Bingo: Animated horror short

Bingo is a twisted animated short movie on identity. It is what can be said scary but difficult to slot it into one genre only as drama or animation as it has various scenes which will surprise and shock you.

It’s a circus out here and everyone calls our protagonist Bingo, and if he corrects them, they turn aggressive and scare the hell out of our protagonist. It is where everyone in the world is telling you who you are, and you do not have the permission to deny their judgment. That thought is scary but it is also real, which makes it even scarier. The animation is colorful and confusing and chaotic. You have all these clowns calling our protagonist Bingo, some of them not human.

We like the color and the animation and the twisted way the movie goes through by introducing new unsuspecting characters who go on to turn aggressive which actually scares you as well. The plotline is simple, and the execution is interesting. The voices differ from being sweet to scary in no time. We found the horror short to be interesting as it surprised us in some scenes. And the clowns are scary. We say give this one a thumbs up.