The Closet: Keep it closed

So we have a sister duo giving a surprise party for mama dearest, but mama has her own little secret which is tucked away in her purse only to be found by her nosy kids. Mama is not happy. The Closet has a nice premise, crisp editing and good ambiance, the movie could entertain some horror fans. The twist, in the end, is also believable, but our problem with the movie lies in the execution department as is a little out of place.

Also the makeup is horrible and tacky, sure we get there were budget constraints, but do your homework, people need to know how to utilize funds and get good returns, so here the camera work felt shoddy which hampered the movie watching experience for us. It’s okay, and we ended up finding it to be rather funny than scary. Watch it if you like horror movies which are unintentionally funny.