La Boca Del Leon: Horror short on Exorcism

La Boca Del Leon is a non-English horror short which deals with exorcism and has won quite a few awards. It’s about a man and his obsession with the world of the dead and how it leads it to horrific outcomes. If you like movies about exorcism you will like this movie as it shows the exorcism carried out in a video call.  The camera moves frantically showing the snippets of the chaos in the handheld camera which reflects the bleak mood of the movie.

The actors who play the priest on phone who we do not see, only hear his voice and father-daughter duo are perfect and so is their chemistry. The tension is palpable and the pace of the short movie is crisp which gives you plenty of edge of the seat moments.

If you are not a fan of movies which deal with the subject of witchcrafts and exorcism, you may find it icky as it has a lot of these moments where blood and gore is shown in excess. Makeup is good, and the dim lights are great in giving the atmosphere a sad tone which then turns to aggression.

The movie is well made, it seems its moderately budget but it looks good and gives you the chills. Watch it if you like movies which deal with the subject of exorcism and witchcrafts or else give this one a miss.