Late night food:

Is eating dinner in the form of junk food late at night sad? Well, that’s our life! While writing the review, you may not know but we might just be having dinner! Late night food shouldn’t be seen while having dinner or while having any kind of food, is what the intention of the makers would have been. But it didn’t make us puke. We love the idea, the idea of what can happen on a late night dinner adventure but the adventure wasn’t adventurous enough, there wasn’t much action in the one short horror movie.
Horror is about the twisted in the normal. Is everything normal that we see? Or normal is the facade which everyone is allowed to believe. Too many questions and too little time to answer in this short horror review which attempts to bring shock from the mundane activity of eating junk food.
The animated horror short fails to bring the eerie factor in the movie. It’s too uncomplicated, and bland for a horror short to be successful. The concept is great which is why we had some expectations to make it good, but then it fell flat on its face without anything. There was no punch. The animation was not really exciting as well, and there been a good story, it could have easily covered the animated part. We think it was a good attempt but it failed to make any splash. We didn’t find it scary.