Lovely Monster: Not really lovely

Lovely Monster looks like a character-driven documentary with an intention of making the audience root for our protagonist who happens to be a monster. It works well like that, as there is instant connect when it comes to loving this good looking monster. The movie starts as if its a profile of lonely beautiful young women who says all she wants to do is be like any other women, but then there is the twist, (or is it?) and the twist is that she is a monster.

Lovely Monster is not really scary, but it builds up a good climax but when it comes to the horror genre, it fails to make any impact or for a scary short movie, there is nothing terrifying. There’s the only scene which is supposed to be climax and scary but that is also limp. The time frame is tight at five minutes and we are given a visual imagery of what our monster is through others who know her, which is good and works well, but we wanted it to be more action-oriented, a monster is supposed to be badass. The scenes look fantastic and so is the editing, but that’s about it. The acting is good too. We find the movie, okayish and so we think you can watch this one if you like monster movies.