We are not really scared of the clowns, but the clown seems to feature in some of the scariest horror stories are out there. The watcher is a violent story about a peeking tom and his subject in one fine evening. Everything is going as usual but then, the subject of his affection starts acting a little different, then what happens?

The Watcher is sleek, scary and made us jump from our seats. It utilizes its short time efficiently by giving us details about the characters and their roles without losing any time. The location looks good, and the actors know how to act and the clown is, trust us, really scary, and the entry is something to watch out for.

The music intensifies at just the right moment which gives the audience enough chills to punch the pause button when they feel they can’t bear to see the suspense. All this in a short time frame of a little less than 3 minutes. The movie looks sleek and one can hear the music crystal clear which adds layers to the movie, its cinematography, and editing works well in giving the audience a good chill. A good attempt to scare the hell out of you, The Watcher is prescribed by the doctor if you feel that there is nothing out there to scare you.