Molly: Watchable

Molly is your typical horror/slasher movie with psychological undertones. We are a bit confused here, as the story is not entirely complete, and fails to give us time to connect with our characters. But what is about horror movies people find fascinating? There are a lot of elements, and one of them is the creepy factor and in that department, the creepy factor, Molly does a good job.

The makers of the movie say that Molly is part of several other short stories which will make sense once they are watched together. We say they better make them soon, as currently there is no focus here as far as the story is concerned.

Actors in the movie are chosen with care, but we feel the part of the mother could be played by a better actor. The background music is consistent and works well in giving us the chill. The makeup is above average and gave us the creeps, the title character who plays Molly is emotive and can act, and your heart will go out to her.

Our only problem is the story, it’s is not clear enough. The horror genre is more than just scary scenes string together with music and haunted location, it’s about strong characters, even stronger motives, and an entertaining solid plot. Let’s hope the makers clear the air about the story soon by releasing other parts as well. So in short, if you like slasher, horror kind of movie, watch Molly only for its scary bits. Don’t expect a good story.