Run: Watch this before you go for a run

It looks stunning. The horror short movie Run looks beautiful and gorgeous with golden colors oozing out of our screens. It also makes us want to go to the great outdoors and go for a run. The Run does a lot of right things in catching the audience’s attention from the start. But sadly it’s also a bit predictable, but the thing is, in the 1-minute time frame you are allowed to forgive them. Everything happens at the right time without losing any time. The horror short is about a runner going out for a run in the woods.

The music is subtle and adds a nice layer of warmth to it which soon turns terrifying. Our protagonist is likable and has nothing to do apart from looking scared and keep running. But the most important part in the movie is the camera angles and the scenic the location chosen for the movie. The picturesque location has the calm feel to it which is carefully used to make it haunting eventually. So in short, the actor is good, the location is superb, the cinematography is great, the background music is subtle. Basically, you should watch this movie and go out for a run without looking back.